Sunday, January 29, 2012

Made with Wire

I love working with wire, I have made a few things over the years with wire and quite like starting with a pack of straight pieces and a vague idea to see what eventuates.

With all the bird cages and lampshade frames in vogue at the moment it inspired me to make something today for a besties daughter who is turning 5 next month.  My friend is coming for a flying visit and stay on the weekend, so an opportunity to get her to take something home made back on the plane, I forgot about customs so I had to undo a bit and take off the stick that was on the birds perch.

My little guy had a great time with his and whipped it up in less than five minutes,  he also did the frame for the bird perch for mine as he told me I was a bit slow at arts and crafts and needed a hand from him... thanks Sam, I was actually very impressed with your work at only 4 years of age !

Here is Sams ! named Alfie after his cousins bird who flew away one day

A couple of wire pieces I made a few years ago.

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  1. It's gorgeous Vick, I love it. Looks like Sam takes after his mum in the arts and crafts department. Ohhh the grid brings back memories, how many years has it been???? ha ha!