Friday, February 24, 2012

Printers Drawers

My local shops recently opened a second hand shop its chock a block full of "good stuff".  I found these drawers and was so excited when the owner explained that they were from an old printing factory, made from kauri with brass handles and little metal label holders, I was in love, my heart was beating with treasure hunt success ! Looking around for the actual cabinet the owner advised me that there is no cabinet it was thrown away by the man he got the drawers from.  Aaaahhhh, that saying one persons trash is anothers treasure comes to mind. 

Anyway I still loved them and remembering a cool idea a friend recently did with a drawer on her wall, here, I went ahead and bought them.  One for the sprogs room, one for my art room and one is going to my friend that I stole the idea off. 

I had to give them a good clean.


  1. oh what a find! They are perfect! Lucky you!

  2. Mine cleaned up a beauty, and I've already put little lego men inside, been waiting for some good old sunny weather for worthy photographs. Thanks dear, love, love it.