Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Blog Catchup

Wow .... I didnt mean for that to be such a long blog gap ! 

It was a very busy Oct, Nov and Dec, a lot of cards and clay tags were sold and a couple new stockists found me so all'n all I was very pleased and grateful.  Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years, here is a few snaps of the last couple of months for me.

A new big bed for the little guy, (he decided it was his Santa Sleigh) with snow decorating for his "snow cave" and "sleigh". Apparantly Santa even came and picked him up on the first night in his sleigh bed, he went to the workshop and was in charge of dolls and robots, such a great age.

A visit to the man himself, ... one of many, we (maybe me) became a bit stalker-ish by the end of Dec, not sure who is the bigger kid at Christmas.

A visit to a couple of vinnies shop to stock up for the christmas day table.  Last minute decision for my husbands family and a couple of friends to come to ours for lunch. I really enjoyed finding this loot and of course hosting Christmas Day, even though I forgot to put out the rice salad and bon bons.

This is a Kris Kringle present for Anna a lovely girl from my other part time job.  Our rules were under $20 and handmade.  I was telling her one day how this would probably be the last year I can get away with being able to be selfish and decorate the tree on my own, I normally have a theme that I stick to, mega coloured busy tree's are not my style.  Next year I will have to let go as Master 5 will be into it.  Anyway Anna said she loves a tree with so much mismatched stuff on it that it is crazy messy, so that is what we gave her.  Sticks, wire, and loads of stuff, nail polish, chocolates, jewellery, booze, paints, a hatching penguin, toy dinosaurs, ribbons, clay tags and god knows what else were tied on by myself and the little guy, I really struggled with its mish mash of no structure, but she loved it ! and proudly took it home on the train, I did offer to drive her with it, but she is such a fun girl, full of life, she thought it would be funny people trying to figure what on earth she was holding.  Follow your dreams in 2012 Miss Anna. 

A little baby for christmas, my husbands step sister had a beautiful little girl on the 23rd, congratulations Allison and Murray.  When we got the news Sam and I were at the shops and promptly went to the girls section of Myer and Sam proudly picked out her first little dress. 

Hello and welcome to the world Ivy Harper Slee. 

This is Christmas Eve, and its the photos you never see on a blog, or is that because your not supposed to put them on your blog ? Oh well, there was MESS in every room of the house.  At this point I was freaking out a little to get everything done I wanted and having it all look like what was in my head. We only even had the new table we bought as our christmas present delivered on Christmas Eve, did I mention the pav is yet to be made, I had a deadline of 6.00pm so I could spend this special night with the little one watching a Santa movie ... The clock shows 4.00pm aaarrrrrgh !

The Pre Christmas M E S S !!

Nana's Pavlova recipe, didn't take a shot of it with cream & berries on top, but it turned out ok.

I did manage to get to my 6.00pm deadline so now for the nice christmas photos .... 

And not forgetting the snow marks Santa left behind, and yes that is a dog poo right in the middle of it ! Nice one Wilson.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, now there's a Holiday blog to catch up on.  Off to pour a wine as I look out to a amazing view of the boats on the water, our last few days of holidays at Clontarf Beach, photos to show soon of how spoilt we have been, house and dog minding for a friend, and she thinks we are doing her a favour ? 


  1. lovely long catch up Vic, I enjoyed all of it. Still wondering what the hatching penguin is??? Loving the look of that Pav, looks better than mine, must be the Kiwi recipe...

  2. just spotted my pencil roll in amongst ALL that mess!