Monday, October 3, 2011

The Pirate Adventure

The Pirate Adventure !  My little man turned 4 today, and it felt like his actual birthday would never come, we had a pirate party for him two weeks ago, and I think I started preparing for the (what turned into an event) at least 3 weeks before that.  I really enjoyed the theme of black, white and red.  Happy Birthday my beautiful boy I hope you enjoyed your party as much as I enjoyed creating it x mum-ma x

The Invitation ......



Address Card #1
Because most of the kids were from kindy they were hand delivered.

Address Card #2
And an address card for those that needed to be posted. 

mmmmm, Am I sure I really want to invite 25, 4 year old pirates with swords to my house ?

The Cake ......

I found a silicon pirate ship for the cake and used food dyes with fondant icing which was a first for me, but just like playing with clay, I pushed it into the mould to make imprints and a bit of cutting, rolling and painting I was quite pleased at how easy it was.

The Pirate Ship ......

I saw this idea somewhere on the net (but couldn't find it again to give credit sorry).  

But basically a trip to your local hardware store for three pieces of dowel, a couple of buckets, a piece of black fabric, and string.  Out with the power-tools I drilled a bracket to the underside of our dining room table to hold the first piece of dowel in place, carefully trying not to drill all the way through, otherwise that will be a story for future dinner parties. (you could always just have three pole's standing straight up if the drilling is a bit scary)  The other two are just poked in a bucket full of dirt (wet to add weight), then tie some string and add some bunting (the striped ones are just wrapping paper cut into triangles.  The others are what I just designed on the computer.  Super easy and super cheap.  

Now its just getting permission from Master 4 that it can be taken down, thats the hard part !

The lollie bag ......

Kicking myself for not remembering to take photos of the table all set up with the food etc, I also forgot to take pics of the take home gifts for the kids.  I used empty tennis ball containers and filled the bottom with cannonballs (jaffas) and topped with pirate bits and pieces, pencil, bubbles, cards and gold coins.  This was the left over one that doesn't even have a lid left on it and their were more jaffas in the bottom, but you get the general idea.  I cant stop thinking of the great pic I didn't take of all of the 25 of them lined up together. 

Decorations & Games .....

Decorating was easy lots of stripes, bits of garden netting, we had a treasure hunt after a mystery Pirate phoned Sam to tell him there was a map buried in the garden.  He had to lead his fellow pirates around the house outside, finding a parrot, sword and scarf for the final clue to find a treasure box full of chocolate coins and pirate rings. 

Phew, Pirate Adventure 

 The End 


  1. Oh my goodness! WOW! What a spectacular pirate party.

  2. Gather together the pencils, erasers and pens that you will need to put in there to get an idea of how big you need your pencil case.

  3. This is an excellent post! Thanks for sharing your experience in creating a fun pirate party for your son! Even though I'm reading this a few years after it's been posted, I wanted to let you know that I found it on Pinterest and pinned it! If you need any pirate party supplies, check in with us at -