Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black & White

I have had a bit of a black and white making phase going on the last couple of weeks, my very good buddie is turning 40 soon,  her invitations were quite easy to design, she loves black and white, simple geometric shapes and a splash of red ! Hope she didn't mind sharing her age with everyone. (Thats what friends are for .... right!)

My little guy is turning 4 soon, and we are having a pirate party, so after a bit of a bedroom make over, I decided to do some DIY fairy lights in a pirate theme

Take some paper cupcake cases (I did a two on each and offset them a little), some pirate stickers, cut a small x with a sharp art knife, poke your light through - DA DA! There is some fantastic cupcake cases around at the moment, especially girly ones. Let me know if you give it a go. 

PS: If you have a pirate ship I can borrow let me know

PPS: Thank you wonderful Mac and your history button, I have a list of all the blogs I stalk that I accidentally deleted, just have to spend some time to load them back up.

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  1. Great invitations-I am hopeless on the computer, I wouldn't know where to begin. What a fun idea using the cupcake pans. Very easy and effective!