Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa, Red Glitter & Clay

Sams Beautiful Creations for the family and kindy teachers 

My little guy was devastated twice in one day, and thank you Santa for coming to my rescue !

After a marathon drive to a few suppliers  from one end of Sydney to the other to get hold of some more secret recipe clay for another market on Saturday at Balmain, it was a mega long apparently very BORING day, we then found a magic key that opens any door when you do not have a chimney aka chim-a-knee .... now not so boring day after all.. 

Twas all good until little guy (5) dropped it and it broke, and after a plate of watermelon to console such devastation about the key he accidentally dropped that plate too, knowing that it was a favourite of the MUMMY MONSTER he was again crushed .... all in one day ! 

Thank you Santa,  although you also dropped the bowl and broke it a little more whilst trying to unglue your super glue fingers, but I cant really remember because you have that special magic red glitter that makes adults forget when they see you.  Hopefully mummy wont get fingerprinted in the next few days cause they really aint gonna find a print .. ouch. 

And then we did clay.

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