Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend AWAY!

Last weekend we took an extra couple of days off and headed to Millthorpe in country New South Wales, its always been a quant little town we have passed by or had a quick stop from trips to and fro visiting family in Cowra many a time.

My husband booked the accommodation and I must say its one of the best stays I have ever had.   I walked in to this fab cottage like I was walking in the pages of my favourite design magazine.  It was styled to perfection, the awaiting local bottle of vino and cheese plate and chocolates was just the beginning of all the little gourmet treats to eat and to soak in the extra large bath with.  The owner Belinda also had gone to the effort of a little money box gift and gingerbread man for our little one. 

After arriving, I made everybody stand outside with luggage in the cold while I took photos before they messed up the place.  In passing my husband mentioned that Belinda might own a local shop it turned out to be a lifestyle/design/homewares shop.... OH PLEASE are you kidding, you could not find me in a more fitting place.

I did'nt get to return to the shop and take some photos from the inside so I highly recommend that you go for yourself for the great accommodation and experience of Millthorpe and Belinda's shop to molly 

Thanks Belinda ! You spoilt us rotten. PS Sam named the soft toy George and tucked him in bed when we left, maybe George has a brother in your shop that might like to move to the city as they became great mates.

Millthorpe, New South Wales, Australia

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  1. this place looks absolutely gorgeous Vicky. Sounds like the perfect break away.