Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As proud as proud can be

Isn't it a great feeling when you achieve something you have made from scratch and you just love it ! 

Well my Sam had it in big doses this morning with a simple batch of gingerbread men! 

"Wow" were his first words as he peeped through and watched his little brown friends get fatter in the oven.  

I don't think he really believed me that a pile of flour, eggs and stuff messed up in a bowl would make what we normally buy at our local Pattisons bakery while mummy has a coffee.

PS: We are obviously watching to much My Kitchen Rules as he did want to know where his "kitchen rules" apron was. And PPS, thank goodness my mum doesn't have the internet as I would surely get a comment on the state of that baking tray! And PPPS,  Sam I have another photo of you with your baking in your daggy pants and gumboots on the wrong feet, but I will save that just for you and me.x.

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