Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Broken Heart

At 12:51 on Tuesday 22nd February my heart broke as I heard and turned on the tv to see that my home town of Christchurch had been devastated by another earthquake.  This time lives were lost. 
I had only written my previous blog post 6 days before as I proudly showed you my best friends youngest girls fairy party invitation in Christchurch.  

I had been keeping some clay off cuts or backgrounds I guess you would call them, (normally I would throw them away). I have been hording them for quite some time and actually wasn't sure what I would ever do with them.  I had moved them carefully from room to room, box to box and now they have found a home in some artworks.  
The red leather thread is from a visit home to my favourite place our Historic Arts Centre in Christchurch I bought it years ago, meaning to thread some glass beads onto it, funny how things come together.

As I sit here in Sydney helpless, thinking of their ongoing struggles as they go through multiple daily aftershocks, no water, no sewerage, some with no homes to go back to, and more importantly the grief of losing loved ones.  

This is my artistic expression that my family and friends will get through this terrible time. 

"Broken Hearts will be mended"

Roses are red chalice is blue, 

The cathedral has fallen many buildings too, 

You can rattle our bones, you can rip streets apart,

 but you will never defeat our red and black hearts,

 for we are cantabrians and together we know

We stand tall together anything we regrow. 


  1. Vick, I LOVE this, so special and with such meaning. xxxxx

  2. Vicki this is really thoughts are with you and your friends and family x...PS If you would like a cup for your little one please let me know because I can work out postage and I'd be more than happy to send you one...

  3. Oh Vicki, This is a beautiful artwork with a gorgeous, heartfelt sentiment. Leax

  4. I'm a proud Cantabrian from Christchurch too. Gorgeous work. Thanks for following my (sparodic) blog. :-) Glad you see yours and will keep an eye with interest on your postings.