Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orders out my Ears & the GREAT Handmade Community!

I have been having a wonderful time filling orders this week from one end of Australia to another and to a little shop in Penguin in Tassie! (I did have to "where is" a couple of places to see where they are).

Thanks to my wonderful man at the local post office (not that he would ever read my blog) but he is open on Saturday's and Sundays for a start and gives me tips on how to send my goods correctly, a recent $5 charge to the customer actually cost me $12, because of the way I had packaged multiple items ..  whoops, but how nice was he to go out of his way to tell me the best way to do it for next time !  

It has also been great to have my items feature on other peoples blogs, its such a great tight knit community "Handmade", proud to be part of it. 

So I am going to spend some time looking into my handmade buddies and post some blogs and shops that have featured me, and some that are on my wish list this christmas ! Santa whats your email address so I can send my wish list ..

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