Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Wreath-Give it a go !

Last year I had Major CRAFT ENVY, when a friend of mine received a hand made wreath made from scraps of fabric! I threatened to do a drive by while she slept and swipe it off the front door.

So before stealing it from her this year, I thought I would google how to make one and give it a go, a metal coathanger and some fabric ripped into strips and tied on, thats what they all seemed to say, no way I thought would it come out looking anything half decent with those vague instructions....

So I started, at about this point I am having a bit of a giggle at my creative ability ... then realised that I had just ripped a favourite piece of fabric I have had stashed for a year that would have made a fantastic maxi dress. (oh thats right I cant sew to save my life).  I did remember in one of the information sheets it said keep going it will come together .... so I did ....

AND HEY PRESTO, im pretty happy with my scrappy christmas wreath ! it took about an hour (max)

Although Sam ensures me that it is actually for him to put his head through and be a LION !, I am going to find some more cool fabric and try and make mini ones, think they might make a great gift for his kindy teachers.  Give it a go ! 

I have also joined in to Knicky Knacks Handmade Christmas Challenge.  Have a squizz its a great blog !


  1. Well I'm certainly glad mine stayed on the front door....good job, love it!

  2. Wow! I am also astounded that something so simple ends up looking so good. I think I might give that a go with the kids (we do Xmas craft together each year- so much fun!) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my! That looks so fab, what a great idea.

  4. Thats great! Laughed when I read you were saving the fabric for a maxi dress but then realised you can't sew! You sound exactly like me! Baby steps I say and you've done a ripper job on the wreath so I'd suggest advancing to sewing is just around the corner. Thanks for joining in this week. Trace

  5. Fab wreath, the fabric is gorgeous :) Tamara