Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Wedding Gift !

My husbands- mums- partners- daughter ? ... Two lovely friends/family Alison & Murray are getting married next year in Byron Bay. I offered to make their invitations for them, luckily the bridey had an idea and gave me some sheets of paper she liked, otherwise I would still have been mucking around with ideas of what to do.

So after many many many slicing, cutting, ruling, sticking and eyelet punching, they are finished. I love the finished invitations but dont want to see another piece of double sided tape for quite a while. Im sure there was an easier way or an easier product I could have used (Scrapbooker I am not) . A 43 degrees day, a small headache from a friends birthday party the night before and 225 bits of double sided tape to cut and stick made a longish day - LUCKY it gave me great satisfaction to see them blossom from a pile of A4 cardstock and a computer file to the real thing.

HAPPY WEDDING Alison & Murray, see you up the isle on the beach in Bryon next year xx

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  1. Oh Vick, these are gorgeous, you should be very pleased with yourself....I need to buy some Xmas cards and little tags from you....lets catch up this week???